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The Dutch Bike Builders
Frederik Hendrikstraat 137
1052 HR, Amsterdam
the Netherlands

VAT ID: NL859609984B01
Chamber of Commerce ID: 73636347
Court of jurisdiction: Amsterdam

Mail: info@damskobikes.com
Phone: +31 685 704 086

1. General

Contractual services and offers made by Damsko Bikes are exclusively provided or made in accordance with the following terms and conditions. By taking note of these terms and conditions, the party agrees to become a part of the contract to be concluded with Damsko Bikes.

Supplementary agreements, additions to or amendments of these terms and conditions shall be considered valid only if confirmed by Damsko Bikes in written form. The parties to the contract's own general terms and conditions do not form a part of the agreement between the parties, except this is expressly stated by Damsko Bikes in written form. Contract conclusion offers on Damsko Bikes websites, catalogs and other media channels are not binding. By placing an order, the party to the contract makes a binding declaration that they wish to acquire the goods ordered.

Damsko Bikes is entitled to accept the party to the contract's offer within a period of fourteen days from receipt. The contract is concluded if Damsko Bikes provides written confirmation of acceptance of the offer by post or by e-mail or delivers goods within this period.

Subject of the contract shall be considered only the goods which are expressly confirmed by Damsko Bikes or are dispatched upon an order placed by the party to the contract. Drawings, diagrams and other product descriptions are not binding. Printing errors, design and technical changes may occur shall not give any right to the party to the contract. Goods are deemed to have failed to fulfill the contract only where there is a significant deviation from the product description which is more than merely minor and insignificant.

2. Delivery & Payment

All prices shown and given are in Euros and include VAT. The prices of new products include VAT applicable to the country of purchase. The prices of used products are regulated by differential taxation. Goods are delivered by Damsko Bikes upon payment only.

Damsko Bikes reserves the right to amend the estimated postage according to actual changes. Damsko Bikes may make part to deliveries where this is conducive to the execution of the contract and is reasonable for the party to the contract. The party to the contract shall not charge any fee to Damsko Bikes without the express consent of Damsko Bikes in written form.

3. Transport Damages

Damsko Bikes is not liable for any kind of transport damages. May occur any damages during the transport these shall be addressed to the delivery company.

4. Right of Return for Long Distance Sales Contracts

The party to the contract has the right to revoke and return the goods within a period of fourteen days from the date of delivery. No reason shall be given for the return. Dispatch of the goods within the mentioned period is sufficient for the purpose of return. The party to the contract shall contact Damsko Bikes and return the goods at their own cost.

Damsko Bikes refunds payments already made within ten days from receipt of returned goods. May any deterioration have occurred to the goods, the party to the contract shall pay compensation for the diminished value, such as in case that goods cannot be longer sold as "new" or are damaged.

The right of return does not apply to goods which are manufactured specifically to fulfill particular customer’s wishes and / or are customised to customer’s specifications.

In case of return, it is obligatory to contact Damsko Bikes:

Mail: info@damskobikes.com
Phone: +31 685 704 086

5. Reservation of ownership

The goods forming the subject of the contract remain property of Damsko Bikes until they have been fully paid.

6. Warranty & Guarantee

Damsko Bikes gives warranty according to Dutch Law. Warranty in this case means that Damsko Bikes is responsible for goods being free of quality defects and/or title defects at the moment of stipulation. Warranties last 24 months for new goods and 12 months for used goods.

In the event of warranty claims, an invoice shall be provided as proof of date of purchase. The item for which a warranty claim is made shall be sent to Damsko Bikes together with a copy of the purchase invoice. For defects concerning the goods forming the subject of the contract, Damsko Bikes will initially either remedy the defect or replace the defected item according to the party to the contract's discretion. However Damsko Bikes is entitled to decline to remedy the defect in the manner selected by the party to the contract and to select an alternative option if carrying out the option chosen by the other party will result disproportionately expensive and the alternative remedy does not cause any significant disadvantage to the other party. Damsko Bikes is entitled to make two attempts to remedy the defect, in each case within 3 weeks after the defect notification.

If the attempt to remedy the defect is unsuccessful, the party to the contract is entitled to demand accordingly a reduction of the price or alternatively the contract cancellation. In case of a minor defect, the right of cancellation is precluded. For the purpose of warranty claims, the party to the contract shall examine the goods immediately and Damsko Bikes shall be notified of damage arising during transportation or obvious defects within one week from date of delivery. Notification of defects within this period is sufficient for the warranty purpose.

The warranty does not include normal wear. May Damsko Bikes maintenance or care instructions be not observed, changes to the goods be made, accessory parts be mistakenly mounted, parts be replaced or care products which do not meet the high quality standards of Damsko Bikes be used, the warranty will be not invalid.

7. Liability

May any damage occur through the use of the goods, especially through improper use, Damsko Bikes is not in any case liable for those damages, unless in case of negligence. The negligence evidence shall be produce by the customer.

8. Data protection

In order to complete orders, Damsko Bikes will save the party to the contract's personal details and, where necessary, pass these on to third parties for this purpose. All personal data is treated in confidence.

9. Concluding Provisions

If individual provisions of the contract between Damsko Bikes and the party to the contract including these general terms and conditions of business are or become in part or in full invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provisions will be replaced by a provision the content of which most closely approximates the purpose of the provision replaced. The applicability of statutory law which is not excluded or supplemented by these general terms and conditions of business is not affected.

Damsko Bikes (Amsterdam, 2022/09/12)