Selle San Marco Short Fit Saddle

The Shortfit is designed for maximum comfort when you’re riding fast. It’s a stunning update on the old school, stubby nosed time trial saddles where riders would saw off the saddle nose to get better comfort during a race and reduce bike weight.

It's only 250mm long (around 50mm shorter than standard saddles) and at 223grams is super light. The short length and tied into a long cut out along the saddle top reduce the pressure on a rider’s soft tissues allowing them to stay super comfortable and keep the power down for longer!

Finished in matt black with a silk feel, this is just a functional saddle – it’ll look great on any bike!

• Carbon Steel Rails - so will fit happily on any standard seatpost
• Length: 250mm
• Width: 144mm
• Weight: 240grams

Price: €70.00